Does your team feel valued? Do we give a company five stars because of what they do or because of the way they make us feel? Isn’t it a balance of both?  There has been a significant amount of research indicating that when our team feels valued, they are more likely to treat our clients as valued.  Our team is more likely to be vested when they feel the company has a strong ethical nature.  In a world where we are more and more automated every day, isn’t that human factor more important than ever?


Are you listening to your team? The people that represent your company at every level can contribute value.  We all have different roles and our own view point.  Encouraging people in various levels of positions and departments to share their perspectives and ideas can lead to collaborative engagement and who knows, they may inspire you!


Ask your team, what is important to you? What can we do to make you love the company you work for and continue coming to work each day?  If you could change three things, what would they be?  Is there one person on the team that inspires you most?  What is the most challenging thing about your job and what would make it better?  Your team is likely to feel more valued if you ask these or similar questions which can lead to improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Investing in personal growth: How important is the overall wellbeing of your team? At Morgan Consulting Resources, we held a resilience and energy workshop for our team (https://www.possibilities8.com). This provided tools to get through those stressful points of the day when work or life become overwhelming.  This was a great way to show our team that they are valued and their wellbeing is worth our investment.


Value-based leadership is trending in business strategies across the globe. Does this really bring more value to your bottom line?  For more insight and inspiration see Ethispere’s 2018 World’s Most Ethical Companies and what successful leaders have to say about how this contributes to their success.  https://www.worldsmostethicalcompanies.com/.


We all want to feel good about what we are doing day to day.  It is human nature to appreciate feeling valued!  When our team feels valued, our clients are more valued and in return our company is more valued.  Whether it is our team, our clients, our network, our family or our friends, or anyone else we connect with, people remember how we make them feel.




Donna Hulse is a Principal & the Vice President of Finance and Operations at Morgan Consulting Resources, a healthcare executive search firm celebrating over 20 successful years in business!


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