As we head into the fourth quarter, many companies are beginning to plan for next year and analyzing their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT). It is a good time to be doing this personally as well. This can help to bring clarity to your vision and identify where you can bring more balance to your career and life overall.


Strengths: Whether it is professionally or personally, we all have areas where we shine. Where do you excel? What qualities make you stand out? More often than not, our strengths lie in areas where we are passionate.


Weaknesses: Where are you lacking? How could you grow or improve? Are there areas where you could expand your skills, training or education? Do you typically procrastinate when it comes to certain tasks? Could they be delegated to someone who excels in this area, allowing you to focus on things more suited to you? Having collaborative relationships where your strengths and weaknesses offset one another’s is always a benefit.


Opportunities: There is opportunity in your strengths, weaknesses and threats. Put your strengths to their best use. Strategize a plan of action to minimize areas of weakness and threat. Be open to opportunities around you. We all have something that sparks a fire in us. Be mindful of your passion and the possibilities.


Threats: What could potentially harm your health, success or well-being? Fear, doubt, anxiety, worry -what gets you off track? What causes you stress and how can you better manage it? By identifying threats and challenges, you also have the opportunity to build securities and possibly overcome them.


As you review the seven areas below, identify personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each. What other areas are essential to you? This is a powerful exercise that can assist in fine tuning your future development.


  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Spiritual / inner-development
  4. Career/ Professional
  5. Financial
  6. Intellectual / Educational
  7. Community


Performing your personal SWOT analysis will provide clarity and direction of goals for the coming year and those to follow. Take action to move toward your vision. Don’t we all aspire to be the best version of ourselves? What would the definition of a balanced, successful life look like for you?



Donna Hulse is a Principal & Vice President of Finance & Operations at Morgan Consulting Resources, a healthcare executive search firm celebrating over 20 successful years in business.

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