Executive coaching

Helping executives and organizations grow and prosper

The transitions triggered by a new hire are exhilarating—and can also be challenging. From learning how to fit in with a new culture to growing as a leader, our candidates want what our clients want—to make the most of new opportunities and to help their organizations succeed.

Executive coaches can help transform the transition experience of a new hire event into a learning opportunity that fosters growth for both the executive and the hiring organization. That’s why we’ve partnered with three professional coaches whose work expressly facilitates both personal and organizational changes. We have known each of them in their prior professional lives and have referred clients to them with great success.

Each comes with extensive experience and extraordinary talents. Their approaches vary, and their credentials are impressive. We recommend them highly.

Don’t hesitate to contact any of us to discuss your interest, to help you assess your needs, or to put you in contact with one of our coaches.

“Marti was meant to be a coach for people looking to enhance their business skills. She came to Alere Medical with an arsenal of talents and passion for excellence. Business is not just about numbers… It is about developing, mentoring, and motivating a team, to sell and support your product or service. Marti understands this and puts forth what it takes to accomplish the goal. Bottom line, she excels, she gets it, and she can help others get there too.”

—Randall Burt, former CEO Alere Medical

Executive coaches

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