Here are 4 Tips to Help with Your Job Search


It’s that time of year again! Holiday parties, family togetherness, shopping lists, chocolate and plenty of liquid cheer… Whether you relish in the warmth of the season or shudder at the added stress, this year is coming to a close and a fresh, new one is on the horizon. Once the fa la la’s and auld lang synes are behind us, it’s time to consider the promise of new beginnings. Ah yes, resolutions. Love them or hate them, most of us usually ponder a few. Is finding a new job on your list of resolutions?


The New Year is a fantastic time to look for a new job! Hunt Scanlon Media released an article referencing an employment survey by Manpower Group on December 12, 2017 stating, “U.S. employers expect hiring to pick up in the first quarter of next year, with 21 percent planning to add staff between January and March. Employers in all U.S. regions and industry sectors expect headcount to grow.”


Whether you are actively looking for a new job or just open to considering new possibilities, there are a few steps you should take to make sure you are ready when opportunity knocks. I have four key tips to get you started.


Update your resume. Having a resume in perfect order is a great first step in preparing to apply for new jobs. As a Recruiter, I have been asked several times about what needs to be on a resume. In my opinion, simplest is best. Your name, address, email address and cell phone number should be clearly displayed on the top of your resume. Include all of your positions in chronological order, with accurate dates of employment clearly noted. I like to see bullet points underneath position titles and companies listed, describing your major responsibilities and accomplishments. Lastly, make sure your education and dates of graduation are clearly displayed.

Write a cover letter template. This template can and should be modified for each potential job you are considering. However, having a template in order as a go-to when writing your letter of introduction is a huge time saver. A cover letter is the perfect place to share your personal style and interests with a prospective employer. Don’t be afraid to share your enthusiasm for the position, and take the time to clearly convey why you are the perfect candidate for the role.

Clear some time each week for potential interviews. If you are serious about landing a new job in 2018, take some time to look at your calendar to create space for potential interviews. It doesn’t matter if you use an e-calendar or one that hangs on the wall. Block out possible availability on a weekly basis. There is nothing worse than being contacted for an in-person meeting, and then having to postpone it for weeks due to scheduling conflicts. Under these circumstances, enthusiasm can be lost on both your part and on the part of the potential employer.

Do you know what you are going to wear? I am constantly asked what appropriate attire for an interview is. That question is harder to answer than you think. It’s important to consider the culture of the organization you are interviewing with in addition to the job itself. What are you trying to convey? Personal style is also a consideration. If you are naturally a dark suit person and you walk into a Khaki organization, maybe this is not the right organization for you. However, there are a few concrete rules. No inappropriate slogans. Be clean, neat and tidy. Groom. And make sure to smile! A pleasant demeanor and good eye contact have more impact than a designer label. That being said, set aside two complete outfits that you can reach for, and tweak, for upcoming interviews. Now you don’t have to think about what to wear.

The New Year is a wonderful time to explore new job opportunities! I hope these tips will help you to do just that with less stress and more excitement about new beginnings. Happy New Year to you!



Julianne Schoepp is a Principal & Executive Recruiter at Morgan Consulting Resources, a healthcare executive search firm celebrating over 20 successful years in business.


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